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Welcome to Africa Waste Business 2015

SeptiDear waste industry colleagues

Waste is a multi-billion dollar industry around the world and a growing business opportunity across Africa. Following extensive research on waste business events around the world, we conceptualised and designed the inaugural Wastex Africa, a conference and expo event focused on the business side of wasteheld in Johannesburg in May 2013. Wastex Africa was a success, drawing some 180 delegates from around the continent and top industry and government speakers. One of the event’s highlights was a video link presentation and question and answer session with Dr Liz Goodwin, Chief Executive of Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), a leading government-sponsored specialist organisation that does extensive work in the field in the UK. Wastex Africa also enjoyed strong support from various industry bodies nationally and attracted a good number of exhibitors of various products and services. All in all the inaugural event proved that there is scope for an event of its kind, which provides industry players across the continent with a platform to meet and discuss the business of waste and showcase product and service offerings available within the industry.

Now called Africa Waste Business, to reflect its focus on the business side of waste and its continental scope, the second edition of the event will take place on 24-26 September 2015, and every second year thereafter. We are pleased to have partnered with Wesgro and GreenCape to host the 2015 event in Cape Town (please view the GreenCape partnership letter here). We are also delighted about our partnership with Productivity South Africa to introduce the Waste Business Award at the 2015 event. Through these partnerships, our vision to grow Africa Waste Business into the continent’s pre-eminent waste business platform, is significantly strengthened. The event will continue to intensify its efforts to attract players not only from the continent but also from around the world, who are looking to profit from the continent’s considerable waste business opportunities. We are encouraged that there is growing interest in staging the event in East and West Africa, with discussions currently underway to explore these prospects. To take the event to the next level, we have appointed a leading international (delete) Professional Conference Organiser which will tap its international network to build Africa Waste Business into a high-calibre Africa-based industry event.

See you in Cape Town in September 2015

Septi M Bukula
Director: Africa Waste Business